Hello, I’m Susan

Membership Chair

Susan Victor-Reed

Born in Boston MA, matured in California, Susan, now is very happy calling Oregon her home as it’s been for the past 19 years. She’s an outgoing extrovert always happy to meet with new people. Her history of working in hospitality, sales and account management taught her the meaning of truly excellent customer service which she delivers in being a SpotOn Sales Executive.

“The difference between competitors doesn’t lie within the products and services, it’s within the customer service and follow up.” Susan lives that day in and day out with her commitment to the Best customer service by ensuring SpotOn delivers their mantra: putting marketing and cost-effective merchant services is one only SpotOn delivers.

By blending marketing and credit card processing, SpotOn has created a new business model focused on Small Businesses, the backbone of our country.

“I have saved my merchants upwards of over $2500.00 per year. I can feel good about working for SpotOn in that I’m giving small businesses the opportunity that has historically only been with the big companies who have million-dollar plus marketing budgets not afforded to small businesses.

Now through SpotOn and me, small business throughout Oregon can have that leg up to even the playing field. SpotOn has no batch fees, statement fees, PCI fees, or other junk fees to strain on small business.

I’m local to the Willamette Valley and work with my merchants to ensure they’re getting the right product. I personally connect them up, confirm a test transaction with my own credit card, ensuring it’s seen on SpotOn’s end and with no contract, I have to earn your business month over month.”

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